Airport ground equipment

The all-round service for your airport ground support equipment: inspection, repair and maintenance

Virtually all German airports use Blumenbecker ground support equipment. With nearly fifty years of experience in the field, we provide unparalleled inspection, repair and maintenance services, all provided by highly skilled personnel for all brands of equipment.

We maintain and inspect all types of ground support equipment for you, including:

  • Baggage trailers
  • Dollies
  • Boarding steps
  • Pallet conveyors
  • Special airside appliances

We can also set up a repair shop right on your premises and staff it with our employees.

Leverage our broad knowledge base for your business – besides ground support equipment, we also maintain, inspect and repair all other industrial gear such as cranes, hoists, industrial doors, and much more.

From repairs to spare parts – we’re always only a phone call away with our 24-hour hotline.

Blumenbecker repair workshop at Leipzig/Halle Airport

Up to six expert Blumenbecker employees sometimes work in two shifts in the repair workshop at Leipzig/Halle Airport. Spare parts for a wide range of dollies are kept in stock on site so that we can respond to any damage as quickly as possible. Our employees carry out the contractually agreed maintenance work. Inspections are carried out in consultation with the customer.

Our services


Blumenbecker offers a variety of services related to its wide range of solutions. One of the most important ones is in-depth consulting. We don’t just view you as a customer but actively develop custom recommendations for you.

We work with you to analyse your situation and individual requirements and develop the solutions that consider not just your technical needs but your budget as well. Our goal is always to supply the best-possible solution for you.

Engineering / Design

We engineer and design all our products ourselves. With the expertise of our engineers and skilled workers, you can rest assured that your ideas will be realised exactly as you envisioned them from the moment the engineering process begins.


Blumenbecker is known for its high quality standards. All our locations are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001. No product leaves our facility without thorough testing.


We examine and test your ground support equipment in the intervals prescribed by DGUV V3 and other regulations. This includes preparing the necessary documentation for you.


We provide tailor-made, manufacturer-independent maintenance for your ground support equipment and immediately make any repairs that may be necessary.


After your equipment has been shut down temporarily or newly installed, our skilled technicians will professionally commission your equipment and monitor the start-up process.

GSE Tracking System

The tracking system with MESH technologie always allows you to submit the location and loading status of your airport ground support equipment.